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web content management system, eDM system, school management system and recruitment system solutions by WestcomZivo.
Content Management Systemtechnology – web content management system (wcms)
ZMS – web content management system (wcms) by WestcomZivo

Our web content management system, the ZMS, has been widely used in major government departments, NGOs and enterprises. ZMS offers Microsoft .Net, PHP and JAVA versions to suit various need.

ZMS is a competent solution endorsed by Microsoft. It also won the Special Mention Award in HKICT Awards 2013, recognizing the effectiveness of the system in total web content management solution.

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MailReachtechnology – eDM system
mailReach – eDM system by WestcomZivo

mailReach is a dynamic email broadcasting system for managing online promotions at ease. It helps distributing personalized promotional messages to target customers, providing insightful analytics on customer behavior and demographics for strategic marketing planning. The system also enables client to manage bounced-back and unsubscription at ease.

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Smart Schooltechnology – school management system
Smart school - school management system by WestcomZivo

The first phase of Smart School, mYnet, has won the Bronze Award for the HKICT 2013 - Best SME (Adoption) Award. The project first started as collaboration with the YMCA Christian College and is now gearing to extend the services to other secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong.

SMART SCHOOL aims to automate the workflow of the school operation and administration management.

Zivo Recruitment SystemZivo recruitment system – recruitment system solution by WestcomZivo

The system automates the recruitment process from vacancy ads posting, management of job applications, online interviews and auto reply to candidates. Instant reports are also provided for HR for further analysis and follow-up. Candidates are enabled to manage their CVs for future applications and vacancy alert.

Temporary Staff Matching Systemtechnology – temporary staff matching system

The Temporary Staff Matching System is an intelligent matching system for HR to seek the perfect match of temporary staff. The System contains a data pool of all selected candidates with individual available schedule of service. When there is a call for staff, the administrator can have immediate retrieval of available candidate.

Customized Solutionstechnology – customized solutions

For the past years, we have had enriched experiences and proven records in developing result-driven and mission critical solutions to meet stringent business requirement and corporate guidelines.

We also worked with trusted partners like Hewlett-Packard Hong Kong, Computer & Technologies, Fujitsu, Cluster Tech, Mappa Systems, Wai On Services, Integrated Enterprise Solutions, IXTech and advertising agencies for broader spectrum of services.